I’m Too Anxious For Myself

  It’s been two long week, and I’m anxiously going out of my mind.   Anxious and moppy can describe the mood I’ve been plagued with — it’s not pretty… not pretty at all.  Two weeks ago, I tore my calf muscle teaching my fitness class, and I’m still not able to walk on it….

Mindfully Aware

An eerie gothic fog rolled into town this morning.   The thick gray air felt damp and cold, as my friend and I navigated our way down the city’s empty streets.  You could see our breath with each exhalation… our pace fast and steady.   All was quiet except for the sound of feet hitting pavement….

I Raced Myself, and I won!

A sea of red could be seen for miles across our city on Sunday morning.  On your mark, get set, go…. and we were off.  Thousands of bodies trying to cross the start line; eager racers jetting to the side in an attempt to pick up pace.  Slowly the mass begins to separate as each…

Morning Interrupted

The sound of the alarm startles me this morning; can it really be 5:00am already?  I hit the snooze button and snuggle back into my bed.  5:05am, off goes alarm number two – NOOOO I don’t want to get up.  And here comes the internal dialogue I have with myself every morning: “Get up and…