Sir Mixed Message A Lot

It’s here — the BIG F is finally here.       FUCK!     and it’s also Friday; I love Fridays… and the word “fuck”.  It one of those feel good words.  YEAH it’s fucking Friday baby, and I have myself booked right up for the evening.  Drinks at my place right after work with a girlfriend followed up with a Tinder date.  Look out boy — I’m feeling aggressive.

Mr. Asshole sent another text message last night.  After I specifically told him I wouldn’t deal with this by text.  His message basically said “hey, so it’s all your fault for liking me too much.  I’m a pussy and can’t handle emotions well.  I may have told you I was falling hard for you, but you are falling too fast and it freaked me out.  SO I lied about being hung up on my ex.  That was an excuse.  I wanted to put it on me, so I didn’t hurt you.  I’m not ready for anything this serious”

WTF?  Ok, he didn’t word it exactly like that — it was way worse, but that was the jist of is.  The guy is a complete mind fucker.  I had to scroll through my message to see if maybe I had only imagined all the things he told me over the past five weeks.  Guess what?  I hadn’t.  It was all there in blue and white text bubbles.  Message after message, he told me he thinks about me all the time, he misses me when we weren’t together, that he was falling hard for me etc — it goes on and on and on.  I’m completely dumbfounded as to how “I” was the one falling too hard.  Regardless, I told him to take a hike.  I’m not going to lie; that wasn’t easy for me.  I “did” like him.  Past tense intended.

SO onward and upward I go, high ho.  It’s off to swoon after another.  If I fall too fast, so be it.  The right man won’t care because he will be right there along side me.  Drinking a beer (or wine, or whiskey, or…)  smacking that!  Cause baby got back.

Let There Be Wine – A Poem From The Vine, by Ms. SG41

Here we’ve come to another weeks’ end, and I for one, could not be more pleased.  Some weeks fly by, and I feel a sense of purpose.   Others, such as this week, drag like a fishing line stuck in the mud.  I felt meloncoly all week, but my mood has elavated some today.  It’s amazing how something as simple as “FRIDAY” can turn my frown upside down.  On that note — here’s my weekly poem to start your weekend off right!

Image result for savi blanc

Let There Be Wine

I don’t much care for rum and coke;

No rye on the rocks for me.

I’m not tempted by a whisky shot;

Just because it’s free.

Don’t bother with a lemon drop;

Or a flamming fire ball.

Pour me a glass of Chardonnay;

Quick now before last call.

There’s nothing better in this world;

Than the sweet taste of good wine.

A generous glass of a chilled sauv blanc;

Is sure to sooth this girl’s anxious mind.





My Warrior Song

Keep up with my Friday tradition of RHYME TIME!


One, two, three, four; I hear a knocking at the door.

I close my eyes; breathe in, breath out;

For I know what’s lurking all about.

Just beyond the dark still night;

An anxious thought hides out of sight.

It waits for when my guard is down;

Then sneaks behind without a sound.

No warning bells before it strikes;

It gives me choice to fight or flight.

Ah ha, but wait — I’ve come prepared;

An anxious thought won’t leave me scared.

Be gone now for I’ve got no use;

For worry’s relentless emotional abuse.

Take cover fear, for I’ve grown strong;

You’ve reigned this land for far too long.

It’s time for peace; it’s time for calm;

Here this now, my warrior song.



Beer O’Clock Poetry

Knowing that I get little to no blogging in over the weekend, I thought I’d leave you all with a little piece by me.

Image result for beer o clock



Another week has come and gone;

It’s time to drink and sing along.

Call out the troops — yell loud and clear;

Let’s raise our glass, it’s time to cheer.

A little bubbly never hurt;

In fact, it turns me into a flirt.

So now it’s time to say adieu;

I’ll drink to that; I’ll drink for you 🙂




It’s nine o’clock in the morning, and it looks like it’s gonna be a frigg’n kick ass day.  Friday has an advantage over the rest of the days of the week, simply because it has it’s own slogan: TGIF, or as I like to say it TFGIF…

Anywaaaaayyys….. enough about Friday; let’s talk about something fun like BOYS.  Just recently, I decided to become a serial dater.  Wait, was it “Serial” or “Serious”?  Shit, I can’t remember.  Ahhhhfuckit…. serial it is.   It’s about time I shake things up and live a little.  Up till now, my dating strategy involved one guy at at time.  Very labour intensive and not very effective.  I’d spend a couple weeks chatting up a guy before an actual in-person meet.  People are very different in the virtual world than they are in person.  I don’t think this happens on purpose.  I’m sure it has more to do with my interpretation than the other persons delivery.  Regardless, I’m often disappointed.  My new strategy:  multi-quick chats with an immediate meeting scheduled.  Quick and dirty — I’m gonna play the numbers game!

My wish list for a man is simple: He must be the God of Thunder!

Free Thor #1

Picture courtesy of

I’m not asking for much:  A few rippling muscles and a big hammer.  And he must be kind, smart, funny, hard working, a good cook, and he must love dogs.                                                                                       Kidding aside, it doesn’t have to be Thor; I’d settle for a look-a-like; I’m reasonable.    Dreams, dreams, dreams…. if only in my dreams.

Yesterday, I created a bucket list The Sloshing Bucket.  #2 on my list is to fall in love again, and get married (again).  This is the one item on the wish list that I can’t make happen with hard work.  Love has a mind of it’s own and it happens when it  happens.  However, I can be pro-active by putting myself out there, so HELLO boys, come out, come out where ever you are.

Well I’ve bored you long enough with my super hero fantasies, so I will leave you to find more insightful and intellectual readings.  Happy Friday Blogger Friends…. I hope for you a restful weekend.








Here’s To The Friggin W.E.!

I’d like to give a great big welcome to our favorite quest — THE WEEKEND!  Please everyone, let’s show our excitement by giving THE WEEKEND a big big round of applause……. The crowd goes wild!  

THE WEEKEND is flattered, she doesn’t know why everyone loves her so much, but she appreciates it all the same.  She’s surrounded by crowds of joyful 9 to 5ers; she hears their pleas for her to stay.  Although she’d love to, it cannot be.

She’s come and gone in the blink of an eye, yet her memory lives on through tales past along.  Humble followers preach her good deeds, it’s plain to see how they love her so dear.  Their faith holds strong; they sing praise through song… “SHE WILL RETURN!!!” They cry out.  “Prepare my friends, for she will return.”

And look; just there — what do I see?  Is it? Can it be so?  It is; it is — HELL YA, it’s the FRIGGIN weekend.

Here’s to the friggin weekend: Rihanna style bitches!  I hope you survived the week with no more than a few bumps and bruises.

Now go be awesome and enjoy this motha while you can.


Sweat, Sweet Wine

This will be my first post written on my phone, so bare with me on the autocorrect.  “Autocorrect” — I feel there’s a post somewhere in the future about this nifty little software tool. However, this is not that post. 

Nope, this post is a slightly wine induced obsession to write. Why I have the urge to write just this minute eludes me.  I just poured a second glass of wine and movie in demanded “The Divergent Series: Allegiant”.  Twelve mins into the movie, and I’m scrolling through WordPress to check out new posts.  That’s either a sign of a bad movie intro, or I’m in a chatty mood.  I’m hoping for chatty since I just spent $4.99 on the movie.  

If you read my earlier post you’ve probably guess I went with the first of my two Friday night options:


Not necessarily in that exact order.  I just needed to mark this somewhat notable occasion. My very first drink medication free!!!   I was curious how I’d feel having a drink with discontinuation syndrome. Answer: kinda tipsy. 

That’s all for tonight folks. One more sleep…. I can’t believe who friggn excited I am for tomorrow. Night all 😘