Second Life Problems

Five months ago, I met a man.  A man I assumed was my happy ever after — and he might just be.  However, unlike the movies, it’s proving to be a bit of a challenge.  I should start by telling you more about me before I proceed.  I’m going on 44 years old this year; I divorced from my first husband at 31, and ended a five year terrible relationship back in 2012.  Since then, I’ve been on my own with the odd short term flings along the way.

I’m a professional by day and a fitness instructor by night.  I have my own home, a dog, and some close friends.  I’ve become very independent over the years.  Still, I craved the companionship of a decent man.  In early February, I met someone who was not only sweet, funny, smart, and enjoyable to be around, but he also shared a lot of my views on life.  Without much thought, I dove straight in.  He moved in with me after only two months, and on most days, I love him.

Let me rephrase that… I love him everyday, but there have been some recent days where I’m ready to toss him out.  To be fair, my aging hormones can probably share the blame for my irritability.  When my guy and I first met, he was working out of town during the week.  The weekends couldn’t come soon enough.  He changed careers a few years ago, so he’s currently going through the electrical apprenticeship program.  10 weeks ago, he started his third year schooling, and he is jumping right in to fourth year as soon as he’s done this session.

What that translates to is… he’s home every single day.  What’s worse is that he doesn’t know anyone here.  He only moved to town last November, and he’s been working away the whole time.  Here inlays the problem.  I haven’t spend a moment alone at home since he started school.  At first, it was great having him here every night, but lately, I’ve been wanting some me time.  I want to come home after my day and do whatever I want.  That isn’t easy when we live in a two bedroom condo.  Last night I ended up retreating to my bedroom to watch Netflix on my laptop.

I’m assuming the “attached at the hip” situation is causing my low tolerance of him.  We haven’t fought, but I don’t feel great about things.  We have only had sex twice in the past month, which isn’t normal for us.  Yes, we are both in our mid-forties, but I think we can do better than two times a month.

I know I have a good man — let’s just hope I can tolerate these early stage challenges to make this last.


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  1. Kalista says:

    Hoping the two of you can find a solution that works for this challenging period. 🙂

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