TGIF…. This acronym never gets old.  It’s been a busy week, and I’m ready for some down time.  Work has been good, but unusually hectic for the start of the year.  Two weeks back, and I’m ready for another holiday.   Maybe a pedicure is in order….

Yesterday’s post, I Hear You Calling, was my first attempt back to the blog world after a three month break.  The post talked a bit about a dating project I committed to for 2018. Here is the summary from my project outline:

The CNR PROJECT (Casual, non-committal, relationships)


The CNR Project is a study on dating after 40.  I will be testing a theory that men and women in later life are better suited for short term affairs rather than life long commitments.  After trying to find a suitable life long partner for several years after a failed marriage, I have concluded that it might not be possible for some, or most, to have a successful long-term relationship later in life.  Please note that the study does not conclude that it isn’t possible to have a long-term relationship, but that one cannot have a successful one.  Success can mean different things to different people, so I will define the meaning specific for this study.  See the definition provided after this summary.  Because the long-term dating test has already be done over the past 12 years, only short-term dates will be conducted during this study.  The study will be 12 months in duration.  I will select one partner for each month of the year.  The partner will be chosen from an online dating site, and the selected candidate must indicate he is not looking for a commitment of any type.   Either party can end the relationship before the end of the month, but sexual relations with a new partner cannot take place until the following month. 

(To be clear — I will likely not become physical with many of these partners.  That is asking for trouble)

I have no doubt that many out there will disagree with my theory.  Especially those who have gone on to find successful second/third etc relationships.  However,  I’m curious to see if my thoughts have merit.  The project has begun, and I’ve already been able to validate some interesting points.

Anyway, I will not be using this blog to document my project.  I’ve started a new blog dedicated to my project, and I’m happy to share the link with anyone interested.  After today, this blog will return to more important things such as wine and poetry.


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  1. Sooo… I am not saying I disagree with your fundamental theory. I feel like I am living proof of unsuccessful relationships, although many (most?) of mine occurred long before 40. But… What results are your thinking you will see? That your relationships are going to be short-term? That the short-term ones will be successful but not if they continue too long? What’s the hypothesis that you are testing? I guess the reason I ask, is that if you seek out people who are non-committal, isn’t it a foregone conclusion that it won’t settle into something long term? I guess I’m questioning the choice of study subject… Will they know about the study? They couldn’t, or it would jeopardize the results, I imagine.

    I hope you will share all here though, whatever happens.

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    1. Hahah — all good questions. I’ve set up a new blog that I can share if you want. It will track the process. The idea is that long term relationships and me don’t work. The best part of any relationship is the start of it, and then they turn to shit. So the study is to see if it’s possible to enjoy short term relationships (without getting hurt). I don’t have all the bugs worked out yet. I did end up telling Mr. January, he thought it was funny. However, I made a mistake with him. He came on strong — even though he claimed he was looking for casual. Feelings developed very quickly, and then he brought up the casual thing again. I was hurt in the first month of trying this. I had to create addition rules to the study. I am not testing to see if the short term relationships will grow into long term. They are not supposed to for the purpose of this project. Basically, I want to see if I can date like a guy…. haha

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      1. Yes, I would love to see it!


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