Who Did I Call?

Holy Crap I’m tired.  It’s been a long, productive work week, and I’m beat.  I made it through the whole week without wine — pat on the back.  To reward myself for this accomplishment, I will cut my workout short, put on my PJs, and savour a couple glasses of my favorite vino.  Do my Friday night plans make you jealous?

I should be Tindering it up and getting myself out there, but I donnnnnn’t waant toooo.  That was a little baby whine, in case that wasn’t obvious.  It’s true that age catches up with you.  I know I’m feeling the years creep up.  20 years ago, I would’ve been “Hell ya, it’s fucking Friday — Let’s get this party started.”  Those were the days.  The only time I feel like partying now-a-days is if I accidently have one too many at the pub.  For some reason when I get a little too tipsy, I feel like taking on the world.  For some unknown reason, I tend to make insanely ridiculous next-day plans.

Am I alone here, or are there others out there that do this:

ME drunk and having the time say’s to who ever is with me,

“OMG (insert friends name), we should totally get up at 5:00 a.m. and do a 20km run.  Then maybe do a yoga class right after to stretch out.  ORRRRRRRRR…. let’s drive to (insert big city name), and do a girls/or guys shopping day.  That would be sooo much fun”

I’m usually so onboard, I set my alarm for the big plans.  This is what actually happens the next day:   About an hour after I finally pass the f*ck out, I’m scared shitless out of my stupor.  Cell Phone ALARM, OMG where the hell is my phone and how do I turn it off. Clever me has turned the volume as high as it will go to ensure I don’t sleep in.  SMART!  Guess where I find my phone.  It’s under my face with the speaker directly under my ear.  This is where it gets really good.  Trying to figure out why my phone is under my face, I scroll through my call log.  AND there it is: I’ve drunk called my ex.  Son of a b*tch.

Thankfully, those nights have pretty much all but disappeared.  I can’t even remember the last time this happened.  Still, I never know when a run-away-night is going to hit me like a brick and remind me — I’m too damn old for this shit.  One thing I know for certain is it won’t be tonight.

The time has finally arrived.  It’s the end of my work day, and I’m logging off.  Happy Friday Bloggers.




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  1. nkdwhtguy says:

    Happy Friday, and here’s hoping for a great weekend for ya!

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