Men and Veganism

My little blog received a little face lift today.   I had a hankering for change.  Maybe the change of seasons in all it’s pumpkin spice glory inspired her little make over.  Yes, my blog is a she — obviously.   My blog is smart, pretty, charming, and spunky, so she’s definitely female.

There’s no need for me to worry about brand recognition since I don’t sell (or ever plan to sell) anything on my blog.  I believe that everyone should get to experience the wonder of me for free.  No need for thanks-you; it is my pleasure to share my crazy with the world.

The main reason I updated my blog was because my content has changed.  I spent some time writing about my mental health.  At the time, I thought writing about my anxiety was helping me.  I’ve since learned it wasn’t helpful at all.  If anything it made it the focus of my thoughts.  I haven’t written anything anxiety related in months, and I’m all the better for it.  This years writings have been all about love and food.  More specifically being back in the dating world and going vegan.  If I had to sum up 2017 (prematurely) I’d do so with two words: Men and Veganism.

Not that there hasn’t been much much more to 2017.  I purchased a new home this year, worked everyday (Mon-Fri), continued with my online university courses, and of course enjoyed some wine.  However, I usually give my years a theme.  2016 was about change, 2015 was about finding balance, 2014 was about moving on, my memory gets a little fuzzy going any further back.  There are still a few months left in 2017, and anything can happen from now until January 1, 2018, but so far I’m going with men and veganism.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the end of the year brings.  I know one thing for certain, it brings me another birthday.  Come October, this little vegan turns 43.  That’s something to celebrate.  43 years of living, and hopefully 43 still to go.




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  1. whiskyburden says:

    First, as an advid reader for a little while i don’t know how anxiety doesn’t make it in? The thing I recognized. Just saying.
    And happy birthday. early.


    1. Thank you for the birthday wish. I’ve had anxiety my whole life so it’s never my yearly theme. It’s more a norm for me.

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  2. Us October babies have to stick together!! Great insight on NOT focusing on the shit that messes with us. You’re site looks good too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. October babies ROCK. Thank you, it really did need a little update.

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