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Something happens to a person’s ability to think when they are in the throws of lust.  I, for one, experience concentration disturbances, and obsessive thoughts of the person I’m in lust with.  A new relationship is filled with excitement, anxiety, and most of all sleep deprivation.  It’s a miracle I’ve been able to do my job this past week.

The new man in my life works on the road Monday to Friday, but he came back early this week due to an air leak in his truck.  This means I will be hanging out with him tonight (a work night).  If I had not known he’d be home tonight, I’m sure today would have gone by as usual.  He, however, informed me of his early arrival last night, so today has been a tortuous waiting game.  After work, I have a fitness class to teach, and then it’s home to shower and prepare dinner.   I’ve invited him over for dinner and [Insert any dirty thought you’d like]

I seriously feel like I’ve won some kind of romantic lottery.   I must be in shock because life feels surreal.  A month ago, the most significant thing in my life was dealing with my anxiety disorder (as usual).  Today, I’m consumed by unfamiliar emotions that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  My life is about to take a new turn, and I can’t wait to see where this road goes.

Life is funny.  I had all but given up on love; I figured it wasn’t meant to be… and then there was HE.




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  1. Ms. SG41 says:

    Thank you — I am really happy right now.


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