My Favorite Things: #1 Caffé

I read somewhere recently that if you want to find your true calling, you need to identify what you love in life.  Sounds easy, but when I sat down with paper and pen, I could only think of family, friends, exercise, and my dog.  It took me some time to think past the obvious loves to understand the small joys I experience.  It took some time, but eventually I had a page full of small, everyday things that bring happiness to my life.

Since blogging was one of them, I`ve decided to dedicate Friday to not only my poetry day, but also my `Favorite Things List.  Each Friday, I will dedicate a post to something I enjoy in life — in no specific order.  Today I write about the Caffé.

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I absolutely love going to the caffé.  Alone or with friends, it doesn`t matter.  There is one in our downtown centre that I frequent the most.  I know all the staff, and they know my order before I even reach the till.  One 16oz almond milk latte please!!!!

When I walk into the caffé, all my senses are awakened.  I am visually stimulated by the warm decor and soft lighting.  Beautiful photographs donated by local artists are carefully hung above the dark wood panels that stop mid-wall.  I breathe in the rich aroma of espresso and the sweet scent of baked goods coming from the kitchen.  It smells like Sunday morning at mom`s house — comfort.

The barrista greats me with a friendly smile “The usual”, she asks.   I laugh with a wave of my hand “Of course”, I reply.  There`s no need to wait at the counter for my coffee;  they will call my name when it`s ready.  I pay with a tap of my debit card, and I claim one of the oversized cushioned chairs in the back corner to settle into.  If alone, I will have with me a book and my glasses.  I set them neatly on the table leaving room for my cup and saucer.  They call my name — my coffee is ready.  I walk to the counter and see that they`ve topped my latte with a heart — how pretty.

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I touch the side of the oversized cup to test the temperture.  It’s perfect; I wrap both hands around the cup, so not to spill as I walk across the room.  The warmth spreads from my hands to my whole body.  A shiver of pleasure spreads through me.  I walk back to my table, sink into my chair, and I take everything in.

Image result for caffe motivo kamloops


My ears perk to the sound of jazz music playing softly in the background.  Not too loud, but loud enough to enjoy.  There is laughter and happy conversation all around me.  Small children roam freely to the baked goods display or to the toy box.  Parents watch with amusement.  The morning run club has pulled a few tabled together at the front of the room.  They are buzzing from the high of their run.  The room is alive.

The steam from the cup tickles my lips, as I take the first sip.  I let the hot liquid linger on my tongue for a few seconds.  The complexity of flavours have my tastebuds dancing with delight.  At first, it’s nutty, bitter, then naturally sweet.  It finishes with a slight chocolatey aftertaste.  Simply delightful.

In this very moment, I experience a spiritual sense of belonging… I belong to this world and with these people.  Something as simple as my weekend trip to the caffé makes up one of my favorite things in life.  Because here, I am tucked safely away from anxiety and loneliness.  Here — I am free.




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  1. Buffy Devane says:

    This is a love story — beautifully written. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. nkdwhtguy says:

    It’s the little things that make us feel good. Your story had me right there in the coffee shop watching you walk in and enjoying the experience. This would make a perfect TV commercial.💡💡!!! Drinking coffee now 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ms. SG41 says:

      Haha – maybe I missed my calling … I hope you enjoyed your coffee

      Liked by 1 person

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