Money, Love, and Gum

There are three main things in my life right now that I am focusing on: Money, Love, and Gum.  The first, and most important, is money.  I have a love/hate relationship with the dollar bills, and it is the number one trigger for my anxiety.  There never seems to be enough of it for one.   I’ve been pretty careful with my money since purchasing my condo, but since the move, I’ve had a $1500 car expense, a $700 income tax bill, and now I need $450 for new glasses.  I simply do not make enough money in this very expensive world we live in.  But I’m doing something about it.  I’ve talked with the owners of a new gym coming to town, and I’m going to pick up a couple of classes a week for some extra CASH.  I don’t really want to work more, but we’ve had a wage freeze at my work for two years, so I need to find alternative income methods.

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LOVE…. hmmm.  Well I think I want to find love, so I’m making an effort in this area too.  I’ve recently met someone — it hasn’t become romantic yet (not even a kiss), but I think it has some potential.  This is the first man I’ve met in years who seems to be decent.  He wants to find something serious, and he’s willing to take things slow.  He’s 6.5 years older than me, which I like.  He’s in good shape, and his one and only child is 25 years old.  Works for me.  It’s way to early to guess which way this is going to go, but so far so good.


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Lastly, I’m trying to rid myself of a terrible gum habit.  This may seem ridiculous, but I seriously can’t stop chewing gum.  13 years ago, I quit smoking.  Over the past 13 years, I’ve been on and off nicorette (nicotine gum).  Last year, I decided enough was enough and I forced myself to give up the nicorette.  YEAH me… but not really.  I’ve now got myself a “regular” gum habit.  Mentos gum to be exact.  I chew it all day long.  When I try to stop, I get restless and anxious.  It’s pretty much driving me crazy.  It’s also embarrasing — for real… who gets addicted to gum.  Image result for money love and gum

Anyway I’ve been trying daily affirmations for all three areas of my life I’m working on.  Every morning, when I write out my food journal, I write out my daily affirmations…

“I am a magnet for money… Money comes easily to me…”

“I deserve love and respect….”

………………And then there’s nothing.  I have no affirmation to help me overcome GUM — my nemesis…….. One day my sticky little friend – one day.

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  1. Yay you! A maybe beau! I am going to focus on the money from now on. I think I will be going nowhere near love for awhile…

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    1. Ms. SG41 says:

      I don`t blame you… It`s taken me four years to get to the point of maybe wanting to date. Every time I try, I get more and more turned off by men. I`m hoping maybe this one will be different.

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