Little Yellow Pill

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It’s been seven days on my new medication, and this is the first day I have hope they might work for me.  The first couple days back on meds were absolute shit.  I was disorientated, spaced out, tired, dizzy, and more depressed than when I started.  By the fourth day, I was pretty sure I was going to toss the meds in the garbage.  For reasons unknown, I hung in there and dealt the the side effects.

To give the medication a chance to work, I stopped having my 2 glasses of nightly wine.  I know that alcohol is a depressant, and I know I probably shouldn’t drink because of my anxiety, but I LOVE wine.  It wasn’t hard to stop drinking, however, as it was making me feel like shit with the new meds.  My last glass of wine was on Monday, and today I have felt a small shift in my moods.  I neither depressed, nor happy; I’m somewhere inbetween.  I’m ok with being somewhere inbetween because it means improvement.

Improvement after seven days gives me hope that things will only get better with time.  I’m willing to lay off the wine, eat well, get my sleep, and practice my cognative therapy techniques in an effort to feel happy again.  ANYWHOOOO it’s Friday, so I should wrap this up with a little rhyme.



Oh little yellow pill of mine;

Meant to bring my mind some peace.

For you I’ve given up on wine;

Anxiety’s hold I’ll be released.

Although my thoughts are barely there;

And sleeps no where in sight.

Hope still lingers in the air;

Cause I’ve found the will to fight.

So little yellow pill of mine;

You’re a symbol of times to come.

Lead the way for I am blind;

For darkness I will not succumb.








19 thoughts on “Little Yellow Pill

  1. It sounds like this good be a slow-burning improvement, which is no bad thing. 🙂

    As an aside, chums and I have had long pub discussions as to whether alcohol causes depression — and what the difference is between depressant and depressogenic. Wine’s never really made me depressed, that I know of… but anxious? Certainly! 😦

    And by the way, you’re “Little Yellow Pill” rhyme? Love it — definitely a song lyric.

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    1. Haha – I will add it to my collection of not so awesome songs I’ve written. I don’t know that wine makes me depressed, but I’m pretty sure the hangover causes anxiety which then causes depression. I’m usually ok with wine, but I think it is having an adverse affect with the medication. Prob will go away once the rest of the side effects calm down

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      1. Once again, Ms.SG41, you underrate yourself as lyricist/poet/rhymer. 😉
        Yes, I can appreciate that causality of hangover>anxiety>depression. That was probably why the “hair of the dog” (if you know the expression?) lunchtime drink was so popular (way back) in my 20s!
        Anyway, here’s hoping those side effects make themselves scarce ASAFP.

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    1. Thank you — I hate going through med changes. I was on a couple of different ones for 10 years, and I decided to try and get off them 9 months ago. It turns out I don’t do well without them. Sucks trying to find a new one that doesn’t have too many side effects.

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    1. Thank so much. YES giving up my wine is crappy — although probably a good thing for a while haha. I hope you aren’t experiencing any negative side effects. I’m getting very bad headaches and I’m really tired. Hoping for that to pass

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      1. My “moon face” is coming back and I’m having CRAZY heart burn! I’m beginning to drop the dosage even further because I just can’t take it. The discomfort is temporary though…I know it’ll get better😌

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    1. Thank you so much. I tried being off meds for 9 months but my anxiety got really bad. They are trying me in something different, so waiting to see if I handle them ok. I appreciate the prayer and comment.

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