I Can Feel The Rain

Image result for Fog and rain

The view from my office window this morning is hidden behind a thick layer of grey fog.  A slow rain taps on the glass, and the little tear drops glide down the window pane before landing on the walk way below.   For most, it’s a miserable day as far as weather goes, but not for me.   Tuck safely away in my warm and dry office, I feel protected and safe.  Solid office walls wrap around me like armour.  The world outside is an army held at bay by the storm.

It is amazing to me how weather has the ability to alter my moods.  It makes me realize just how susceptible I am to the things I cannot control.  My environment impacts my moods, and often I don’t even know it has happened.   The touch of sunlight on my skin can ease my anxiety, and make me feel light hearted and joyful.  The sparkle of freshly fallen snow awakens delight.  The sounds of rain against my window relaxes me, and a howling wind can stir up the wild child inside.

Like a sponge, I absorb the world around me.  I am easily affected by the news, weather, other people, money — yada yada.  This is both my blessing and my plague.  I see the world in vivid colour, but I see too much which brings worry and sadness.  If only I could filter.  Filter both the inputs and outputs of my mind.  What a random and strange thought — and this because of the rain.





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