How To Bring Meaning To Life: A Tribute To Music

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a soundtrack to our daily lives?  Something to put meaning to the mundane activities we partake in.  This morning, I plugged in my earbuds and lip synced Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love It,” as I dressed for work.  Hair straightener in hand; dressed in jeans and a bra; I took care of some Risky Business. — I hit my performance peak with Neil Diamond’s “I am, I said.”   My uninspired morning routine was transformed into a scene worthy of the big screen.

In an effort to hang on to the morning’s thrill, I kept my earbuds in the whole drive to work…. shhhhhh yes, I know: I’m not supposed to drive with earbuds in — but it couldn’t be helped.  How could I possibly shut it down when “Every Breath You Take” by The Police was up?  I couldn’t do it; I was moved by the music.  As the sun began to rise; I hit the open road and breathed in life.  It was something else I tell you.  A extraordinary moment in life that raised the hair on the back of my neck.  AND all because of a little music.

Music is magical.  It invokes strong emotions like: joy, emapthy, sorrow, anger, and excitement.  It can pump you up or mellow you out.  It alters moods better than any drug out there.  It’s simply perfect.  Strangely, I’ve met a person or two throughout my life who claim to dislike music.  I know what your thinking: “WHAT?????????  I don’t understand.”    It seems impossible to have an aversion to music doesn’t it?   I mean sure, we all have our music preferences.  I can completely understand disliking modern day country, but to hate music altogether?  How does that happen?

A life void of music for me would be like a life void of love.  Music preserves my memories, holds me when I’m sad, motivates me when I’m tired, and loves me when I’m lonely.  This morning music simply made me happy to be alive.  Music has been with me through thick and thin.  A best friend until the end.

Sing us a song you’re the Piano man… and you’ve got us feeling alright.” – Billy Joel





16 thoughts on “How To Bring Meaning To Life: A Tribute To Music

  1. “Music is my life, and it helps me through the fight.
    Oh, music is my life; it’s a joy I have inside”.

    You may not be aware of the lyrics (a rather famous dance track from the mid 90’s) and if I’m honest I don’t think much of the song itself, but the lyrics are very poignant. Music, along with writing, is my raison d’être. Nothing influences my emotions like music does.

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      1. If you aren’t familiar with the lyrics then you aren’t into old school dance music as it’s harder to avoid in those circles than oxygen! Haha. Even if I don’t listen to music it will always be in my head.

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      2. I’m curious if old school dance music in Canada is the same as the UK… It may also depend on how old you are — old school to you might be modern day to me hahahaha. Back in my teens dance music was the Pet Shop Boys and MC Hammer

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      3. Old School to me is anything pre-1997. The legendary Stu Allan made that yardstick and nobody argues with Stu Allan. Haha. I only tend to attribute the term “old school” to dance music too. I can’t think of anything else I say old school in reference to.


      4. Haha. I was still in school in 98. When I go to old school club nights the guys I go with are generally at least ten years older than I am. I’m one of the babies of the Old Skool Nation fraternity.


  2. Very nicely said. 🙂
    I think that, no matter your preferences [and I’m feeling a ’70s-’80s vibe, which is no bad thing at all] listening to music can, if you’re open to it, be a downright spiritual experience.

    Great to hear music’s working for you today; it’s obviously in your soul (!)

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      1. Yes: sad to say over the least few months (not now, I’m glad to say) music could rarely touch me in a positive way, and mostly was intrusive.
        Haha, yep: anxiety is a BAD mother fucker (!) Grr…

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