I’m Too Anxious For Myself

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It’s been two long week, and I’m anxiously going out of my mind.   Anxious and moppy can describe the mood I’ve been plagued with — it’s not pretty… not pretty at all.  Two weeks ago, I tore my calf muscle teaching my fitness class, and I’m still not able to walk on it.  For a person of my activity level, this is bloody torture.  I need my exercise, it’s what I use to deal with my anxiety.  I WANT TO RUN damn it… I just want to run.

Then there is my car.  My money sucking, aging, stress machine.   I took it into the shop yesterday morning, and it will not be ready until tomorrow.  Money stresses me out, and my car bill is going to be around $1400.  Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.  I’m unable to get around by foot, and I have to rely on friends for rides — I feel like a child.  A child ready to have a temper tantrum.  I feel like sitting on the floor of my office and screaming my face off…. hmmmmm I wonder if that would get me some paid time off?

My calf and my car will eventually be fine, but the waiting has me anxious and stressed out.  Ah well…. a breath and some wine will get me through another night.  Thank god for wine.


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  1. myrecov says:

    I was in your spot early this year and last December. I had surgery on my feet and it left me not able to dive, all I wanted to do was run too. I hope you heal quick!

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    1. Ms. SG41 says:

      Isn’t it the worst feeling ever? I know I’m being a baby, but I usually work out daily, so this is killing me.

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      1. myrecov says:

        Your not being a baby. Working out is like a must in my life too.


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