V is For….

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I’m Just kidding.  Well partly kidding; V is for Vagina, but it is also for VOMIT.  Vile… Valgar…Vomit.  Did you think I was going to say Valentine’s Day?  If you did, you were wrong.  I refuse to waste a perfectly good blog post writing about Valentine’s Day.   I would rather talk about Vaginas, but I won’t talk about Vaginas either.  Valentine’s Day and Vaginas are two topics best not discussed.  For all you IN-LOVE peeps who enjoy today, good for you.  Enjoy your day.  Spend ridiculous amounts of money on useless tokens of love if you must, but leave me out of it.

It’s not surprising that Valentine’s Day has been the topic of many blogger’s posts today.  Hate it or love it; people are talking about it.  I guess by saying I’m not going to talk about it, I’ve actually talked about it.  Wonderful.  My Valentine Virgin blog has had it’s cherry popped.  Before it get’s any worse, I’m changing the subject.


There — Topic Changed… THE END





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  1. Well I at least had the vagina topic covered thoroughly in the last two days.

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    1. Ms. SG41 says:

      Haha… yes you did. In your case there was good reason to talk about vagina

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    2. Ms. SG41 says:

      I’m glad to hear it was not cancer. xo

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  2. Buffy Devane says:

    Haha, thankyou for giving me a bloody good laugh this evening, Ms SG…(!)

    Actually when I’m at the pub with chums I sometimes loudly say things similar to “assholes” just to liven up the evening… you can’t beat the profane non-sequitur. 😉

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    1. Ms. SG41 says:

      lol — some would call it turrets. I personally love yelling out profanities for no good reason.

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      1. Buffy Devane says:

        Ah yes… I’m already working on a few to freak out my new pub landlord. 😉 Until he finds out it’s me and bans me, of course…

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      2. Ms. SG41 says:

        LOL what is a pub landlord???

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      3. Buffy Devane says:

        Ah, the cultural divide!
        The Landlord (or -Lady, of course) is the owner or hired manager of the pub.
        Don’t know if there’s a North American equivalent? Manager, I suppose?

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      4. Ms. SG41 says:

        Yep, we just call them a manager. We only use the term landlord for someone who you would rent a place to live from. I thought maybe you lived in the pub haha

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      5. Buffy Devane says:

        Haha I would if I could (!)
        I’m definitely one of the “usual suspects” there, though… I’ve seen 5 Landlords come & go. 😉

        [Hmm, that makes me sound like an old soak…]

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      6. Ms. SG41 says:

        I drink too much to drink at a pub… I stick to a bottle of wine at home. Not as fun, but way cheaper.

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      7. Buffy Devane says:

        Ah, that’s true… you’re far more sensible than me, I think!
        But then again, I have unsavoury drinking chums who lead me astray… naturally I’d never partake of alcohol of my own volition. 😉

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