The Meaning of Life

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Whenever someone close to me dies, I can’t help but think about what life really means.  Is there a purpose to being here on earth other than species survival?  Do each of us really have an important role to play, or will what we do even matter in the end?  What is the meaning of life?

I have no clue. Nadda, nothing, no idea.  My spiritual beliefs are ever changing, and to be perfectly honest, they are not very solid.  I grew up believing in a Christian God.  We didn’t go to church often, but my mom made sure we knew the story of Jesus.  We were taught to be good people with morals and values.  I do believe in being a good person who loves and treats others with respect.  But do I believe there is life after earthly death?  I don’t know.  I know I don’t believe in religion.

I lost my strong faith years ago near the end of my marraige.  I struggled with my faith to the point of not paying attention to it at all.  I felt guilty for questioning, but I could no longer believe unconditionally.  I prayed for the return of my beliefs, but they never came back.  At least not completely.  I do still pray from time to time, but it doesn’t feel the same.  There will always be a part of me that has God, but I can’t explain what that looks like.  It’s more a sense than a belief now.  I don’t judge others for their beliefs; in fact, I am a firm believer that people need spirituality in life: whatever that may look like.

For a time, I believed in the theory of one big energy system.  We are all part of the same energy system that continually changes form.  When our body dies, we simply change forms.  It’s a nice thought, but it seems a bit too cosmic and lonely.  In the end, I gave myself the permission to not know.  There might be a God, it might be energy, it could be a million different things, but I (being just a human) do not know.

I don’t know that answer to life, and I don’t know if I ever will.  If there is an after life, I hope we have the opportunity to learn what, why, how, when, where life came from and is about.  But if life is simply about survival, I want to make sure I take as much time to appreciate it as possible.  I want the people I love to know I love them, and I want to take the time to do things that bring joy into my life.  The one think I know about life is that it is way too short, and you never know when your time is up.  So live well.



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  1. Liz C. says:

    This was really interesting. I also have that thought that life is so short… It’s one of the reasons I wanted to focus on legacy projects this year… Oh but I’m rambling. Haha.

    I used to be in the same place as you are now, a few years back. I wasn’t sure if there was even a God and I thanked the universe instead. I stumbled on a book called “God’s Not Dead”. It had testimonies from mathematicians, atheists, professors who had the same questions and followed the evidence where it leads. In the end, they concluded that the evidence from science, history, etc. was too strong that there is a Creator.. That there is a God.

    And if there is, then you’d be assured of eternal life with Him. But you know the story.

    It wasn’t just the book that changed my view. Its a lot of things like personal experiences too.. I’ll be praying for you if you don’t mind. Just for you to find the answers you’re looking for. Although honestly I also have tons of questions still.. Maybe one day we’ll understand everything in the afterlife? 😊😊😊


    1. Ms. SG41 says:

      I appreciate the prayers and I will look into the book. Maybe god is talking to me and I just need to listen.

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  2. SeekingGod2 says:

    You’ve known reading my blog that my faith has been a key part of my survival. Instead of it withering, I actually felt it give me strength. That didn’t happen for you, and I’m sorry for that. Life matters in how people remember us. That’s what I think. We live on in memories, until those die off with those people. Then we live on in the mind of God. How will he remember us?

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    1. SeekingGod2 says:

      Not a question for you.. Just a rhetorical question.

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      1. Ms. SG41 says:

        I understood. Xo

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    2. Ms. SG41 says:

      I do know your faith is strong and that makes me happy. It isn’t that I don’t believe, it’s that I believe in the possibility of anything. I do still talk to the only God I know. I believe I am a good person with a good heart. So I am at peace with myself.

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