Drinking Hope


Tell someone you are ringing in the New Year with your dog, and the response is sure to be “awe….”  Trust me, I’ve done this three years in a row, and the pity tossed in my direction is heavy.  Why do people pity those that chose to be alone?  No idea.  If I wanted to spend my New Years with people, I would.  I have family, friends, and of course TINDER.  But I don’t want to.  At least not yet.

There are 2 bottles of champaign (ok prosecco) chilling in the fridge.  I have the top 50 songs of 2016 playing, and I just did a little dance with a yoga follow up in my living room.  My dog, who is sick, is passed out on the couch with her new toy, and this is exactly how I want to ring in 2017.  Technically, I’d love to ring it in with the man of my dreams; HOWEVER, he hasn’t figured out how to cross the dream/reality realm divide…. so — let’s ring in the New Year with high hopes of a future of happiness.

Funny how we do that.  Good riddance to the year that felt like challange after challange to welcome the new undiscovered year.  HOPE.  We hope for new love, money, health, friendships, etc.  Hope is good.  I would probably not be here writing this post if it weren’t for hope.  There have been too many sad days in my life to have made it this far without hope.  My sad days are a direct result of my mental health.  WHY CAN’T my mental health issues mean being too happy?  Extreme joy and pleasure.  I suppose that’s what they call Mania.  A disorder I have not had the pleasure of enduring.


Back to HOPE.  Let’s fill ourselves with as much hope as we can handle and look into the future of 2017.  Let’s see ourselves with all our desires fullfilled. HAPPY FUCKING 2017 blog snobs.  Love ya. Ok you got me… I’m a little drunk.  Give me a break it’s New Years Eve.  Write to ya later gater.





16 thoughts on “Drinking Hope

  1. I like your drunk blogs too! It’s NYE and i can drunk blog if I want to 😁😆 I spent Christmas with my dogs too, and the husband was somewhere in the background lol 😂 but it was all mainly about the dogs 😋😊 I’ll catch up on your blog ASAP. I stopped following virtually everyone as I wanted a break, but I’m reintroducing my faves back in slowly 😘❤ Cheers for 2017! Xx

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  2. I too don’t understand the massive deal with being alone at new year. So what? Last night was probably the first one I brought in on my own. Sat there alone listening to arguably my favourite song on repeat, drinking champagne (actual champagne – it wasn’t that good) and playing Football Manager while my son slept upstairs. I was happy as a pig in shit!

    All the best to you and I HOPE 2017 brings you joy and good times in abundance

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