Day 1 — HOPING still

Last night I wrote (drunkenly) about hope for the future.  I hope to find love and happiness  in 2017 because truly that is all that is missing in my life.  Two very important things “love” and “happiness” — what is life without them?

Hard.  Life is hard without love and happiness.  People claim that you don’t need to be in love to be happy, and this is somewhat true.  But humans need love to thrive.  So left unloved for long enough, our happiness (or at least mine) dwindles away.  I have love from friends and family, and please don’t think I do not value their love.  I do — but it’s not the same.  I long for the love of a lover, so I hope for love in 2017.

Today is the first day of the year, and to get things started I have a Tinder date in an hour.  Is there hope for love here?  Haha… who knows.  My track record with online dating is far from encouraging.  However, a mid-day coffee meet up on a snowy New Years day sounds like potential.

After coffee, I plan to hit the gym and then grocery shop.  Life returns to normal tomorrow… WORK.  Oh work, how I have not missed you, but I need you… sadly, I need you.

Time to go make myself presentable.  Let’s hope some makeup covers up the champaign bags residing under my eyeballs this morning.

Happy New Year 2017


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