MY Unusual Holiday

When you think “holiday season”, you typically envision parties, family gatherings, friend meet ups etc etc.  The holidays are meant for spending time with loved ones, while eating fattening foods and drinking large amounts of alcoholic beverages.  

I love the holidays. BUT this year was not a typical year.  I did get to spend Christmas with family, but it was a quick dinner and honestly I wasn’t feeling it.  

I’m in transition.  I moved into a rental one week before the holidays, and I’m working my ass off to make a deal go through for my new home.  I’m living out of boxes in the basement suite of my best friends home.  Because she has teenage kids that stay up playing video games until 4am, I haven’t slept in two weeks.  

I watched the holidays happen; I went through the motions, but I feel like they passed me right by. This only made being alone at Christmas that much harder.  

I haven’t written since before the holidays.  Mostly because I am off work for the week, but also because I’m feeling lonely.  Another year come and gone–  spent alone. 

Maybe 2017 is the year. A new home and if the stars align, just maybe a new love. My heart is ready. 

I will be back to my daily writing right after New Year. I miss you all. 


15 thoughts on “MY Unusual Holiday

    1. Than you… I’m sending positive thoughts to you and maybe the stranger??? I’ve read a few posts but I’m not sure if I’m up to date with them. I hope everthing works out and you find the love you totally deserve. Happy New year

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      1. Things with The Stranger have been good. I haven’t posted about him since my posted about our meeting, but he is still in my life consistently via text and phone.

        We don’t yet know when we will see each other again, but hopefully it will be soon.

        Happy New Year to you as well! Big plans tonight? I am hanging out at home.

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