This week has been filled with upheaval.  My head is spinning with all the tasks that need to get done before I move into my temporary home.  Today I went to the bank to move my investment money to an accessable account, so I’m ready for when I make an offer on a new house.  I also cancelled all the services going to my current resident effective the middle of December.

All I want to do tonight is go home and drink a glass of wine, but that’s not in the cards.  I have a fitness conference I have to attend all weekend.  I’d bail, but I need the credits to keep my personal training and fitness instructor certifications. Fuck a DUCK!!!! — Howard the Duck reference for anyone old enough.

Tonight I will sit and listen to a keynote speaker talk about how to motivate our clients.  I’ve heard the same damn speech a million times over the 12 years of Keynotes I’ve had to listen to.  These workshops used to inspire me, but they don’t anymore.  I haven’t heard any original content in years, so I find these events painfully boring.  At least they will be serving wine and cheese.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Till next week my friends.


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