From The Ashes

Image result for beautiful pictures of the phoenix

The sun shone down on the Phoenix, and she bursts into a ball of flames leaving nothing but a pile of ashes.  But from the ashes, the Phoenix is resurrected, and she goes on to live her life anew.  

Resurrection:  the act of causing something that had ended or been forgotten or lost to exist again, to be used again, etc. – Merriam Webster Dictionary

From the Ashes

I must first become dead before I can be reborn.  I was dead.  Dead on the inside with little hope of resuscitation.  My will was shattered and spread across a barren land, but from the skies came a single drop.

A single drop of forgotten hope that spread through the cracks of infertile soil.  I began to cry with remembrance of what once had been.  Tears and rain flowed through me like a river.  And then… the sun began to shine.

I feel it.  The warmth of life returning to my veins.

An old life dead and gone –I am resurrected.


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