Money Sucks


Image result for money and anxiety

Life is one big money pit.  If there is one thing I wish that we could do without, it would be money.  It is one of the leading causes for my anxiety, and this morning it strikes again.  This time in the form of a dead car.

My step-dad is on his way over to give me a boost, and my hope is that it’s just a dead battery.  I’m doing my best to keep my mind from travelling down the path of what if… like what if it’s the alternater, or what if it really serious and will cost thousands…. oh god here it comes.  A fucking anxiety attack.

I know, I know… breathe.  I’m trying.  When it comes to money, I can’t seem to keep my shit together.  There is never enough to pay the bills and save for emergencies.  I’m going to go pace the hallway before my neck seizes up.




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