Splurges and Urges

Another day older and deeper in debt… day, year — whatever you want to call it.  I’m officially 42 years young as of 8:49 a.m. this morning.  All I want for my birthday is to receive an offer on my trailer for full asking price.  Too much to ask?  Na; think big or go home I say.

I’m into spoiling myself a bit today.  This morning, I stopped for a latte and pumpkin spiced bread pudding muffin.  Major calorie splurge, but I’m worth it.  Tonight, I have dinner plans with a group of friends, and I’m planning on having a glass (or 2) of wine.  I haven’t had a glass all week — yeah me.

It’s true what they say about growing wiser; life teaches you lessons.   I admit that for me, some lessons need to be learned over and over.  However, I have learned what’s important:

  1. Time goes fast, so don’t waste it.
  2. The most important things in life are free: friends, family, and my dog.
  3. My career does not define me as a person.
  4. I will never know it all, so always seek knowledge.
  5. I will never understand men.
  6. When I allow it to happen, people surprise me in the most beautiful ways.
  7. It’s OK to ask for help.
  8. Nobody’s perfect, so love yourself just the way you are.
  9. Life is unpredictable, so stay flexible.
  10. Every day is a gift, and it’s ok to feel sad, happy, angry, blah, excited … it’s ok to feel  what ever I feel.

Image result for Life lessonsImage result for Life lessonsImage result for Life lessons

It’s been a year of personal growth and recovery, and I’m thankful I’ve had all of you cheering me on.  This year I have accomplished the following: started part-time university studies online, detached from an abusive ex, reno’d my bedroom, discontinued taking anti-anxiety meds, quit chewing nicorette, put my house up for sale, and I started writing this blog.  All-in-all, a pretty productive year.  Now to sell my trailer, buy a house, and find a lover… 3 months left of 2016; I think I can make it happen.

Happy Friday my blog friends; I hope you enjoy the weekend.


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  1. SeekingGod2 says:

    Happy birthday, again! Enjoy the coming week. Thinking of ya!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Smartygirl41 says:

      Thx sweetness. I hope your weekend was good to you

      Liked by 1 person

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