Gum Chewing, Overthinking…

I’m a gum chewing, gum chewing, overthinking, crazy chick, a gum chewing, gum chewing, overthinking Sexy lady… -An Original composition of Smartygirl41

My nerves and anxiety are making it difficult for me to put together a decent blog post today.  Hence, the cheap jingle intro: I’m sorry for putting you through that.  I’m just a bit off today.  In less than 2 hours, I will be sitting at the mortgage broker’s office to see if my dream to sell and upgrade will become a reality.  On days like today, I miss my nicorette — I’ve chewed through 2 packs of regular gum in an effort to ease my tension, but it isn’t working.  My mouth is both minty fresh and sore from all the chewing… why is this my life?

I have no reason to be anxious about the meeting: it will be what it will be.  It is possible that my financial situation will hold me back from my plan, but I don’t know that yet.  The  “what if’s” have plagued my mind all day; I’m completely exhausted — argggg.  I’m been fairing pretty well with my anxiety lately, so this is a bit frustrating to me.  I’m not in a state of panic or anything; I’m just acutely aware of my unhelpful thoughts.

High ho, high ho… time to open up another pack of gum, and get my shit together.  Peace!

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