My House… in the middle of the park.

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I’m on the road to a new place to live!  The decision has been made, mortgage broker and real estate agents called: a new phase of life has taken it’s first breath.  It’s not going to be an easy transition, but I’m optimistic it will come to light.  I’m selling my trailer, and with any luck, buying a house.

Cons: Extremely difficult to sell trailers in my park.  Reason — the park won’t sign site leases, which means people have to have the cash to buy.  This narrows the buyer pool dramatically.

Pros: I have a great real estatge agent, and my broker is one of the best in town.  It will happen; I just don’t know how quickly.

This is the life change I’ve been looking for.  All it took was a little nudge from my baby brother, who was up visiting over the weekend.  He’s a real estate agent in a neighbouring city, and he gave me some ideas regarding my financing etc.  I needed an outsider’s viewpoint to help clear the muck holding me back from making this move.  I love my lil’ bro.

That’s my news for the day.  I’m excited, and I can’t wait to see what the broker say’s on Wednesday.  Happy Monday Friends.




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