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I Love My MOMMY.

My mother has a more gentle loving soul of any human being I’ve ever met.  She gives of herself to anyone who asks, and she takes nothing in return.  The best thing about my mom is how much she loves me.

I have never really confided in my mom the troubles I have with my anxiety and depression.  Not because I don’t trust her, but because I’m afraid she will feel it’s her fault.  That’s the kind of woman she is.  If I hurt, she feels responsible.  When I made the choice to discontinue my medication, however, I did turn to her.  She’s watched me cry; she’s listen to my pleas for the pain to end, and she’s loved me hard through it all.  I love my mom, and she loves me.

Tonight is mother/daughter night.  I may be turning 42, but I’m not too old to hang out with my mom.  I’m meeting her at a taco bar right after work, and then we have an evening booked at the spa.  She planned this outting because she wants to make me feel better.  She can’t fully understand my struggles, and I’m glad she can’t.  I don’t want her to feel what I feel.  I want her to feel only love and happiness — she’s suffered enough of her own pain in the past.  No words can describe how much I appreciate everything she does for me.  She thinks it’s nothing: I think it’s everything.

The love I have for my mother fills my heart like nothing else.  Tonight I will be in the company of the greatest woman on earth.




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  1. amommasview says:

    Hope you enjoyed the night out, your mom’s company. Also enjoy the relationship you two have. It’s not something you can take for granted. xoxo

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