Morning Glory

Transformations can be little changes that make perfect little impacts.  I chose to skip my 5am run today in exchange for an hour long sleep in. It was spectacular; and now I sit at the cafe, sipping my Almond Milk latte.  A time out before work.  

Humorous chit chat with the regulars = a few childish giggles.  Can you think of a better way to start your day?  

I’m at the coffee shop I go to right after my regular morning run.  Mike the owner, looks up as I order my coffee and says “Wow, you look nice today…. I mean normally you’re in here after your run looking all sweaty and ‘HAGGARD'”

I say “What?”

This gets the three regular old gentlemen in the corner started.  “Haggard?”  “Hahaha did you just call her haggard?  Oh Mike.” 

Mike’s in full back peddle mode now, and the rest of the shop have joined in the fun. Even the patrons just entering. 

So yes, I was called haggard, but if you knew Mike, you’d understand his word misusage is a pretty common occurance.  Just one of the many reasons I love him.  Coffee is by far his best quality; his dorkiness a close close second.  

In short, I love coffee, and I love Mike (but Greg more, he makes better coffee)

Happy morning peeps.   



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