All Aboard The Crazy Train

Welcome to my week of transformation.  Last week’s goal of FUN, FUN, FUN, (till her daddy takes her T-Bird away) has inspired a new trend.  Each week, I will decide on a simple self-care project, which will include daily activities that I must perform.  I do believe that a healthy mind needs constant growth and stimulation.  These weekly projects are just another attempt to keep me off the medication train.  CHOO CHOO……bwahahah CRAZY TRAIN, that is.

This week is all about transformation.  It’s a broad topic, so it can include many different aspects of my life.  There are no rules to this project except that I must perform one act of transformation per day.  So all aboard — this train is ready to roll.

TRANSFORM-A-TION:    Day 1 (Actually day 2) – Yesterday, I took myself off the dating website (3.5 years of total crap = waste of my time.)

Cha-cha-cha-changes…..August 22, 2016 (btw, this would have been my 18th wedding anniversary – YIKES)

Tonight – I pledge to finish my package of nicorette gum, and  go forth into the morn NIC GUM Free.  This addiction has plaqued me for too long.  I gave up cigarettes more than a decade ago, but these little pieces of fruity nicotine filled chewables have me hooked something fierce.  “No more”  I say!  “GUM beware, for your time has come to be banished from my life for good.”  Na na na na, hey hey hey — GOOD-BYE.

Medication Free, Gum Free; why can’t everthing be free.  Like wine and men?  And before you say that men are free, you need to first look at my debt load (which was the result of a man), and then tell me men are free.  NO NO my friends, men are an expense.  You must plan for them in your budget.  This little piglet has gone to the market, and she went running for her life all the way home.  The next man I purchase better come with some kind of warranty and specialty features such as a large… (Minds: gutter, let’s keep this clean people)  I was saying,  … a large range of skills to bring to the table.  A cook would be nice, and maybe a handy man who can put my baseboards up.

Well well,  digress much?  How quitting nicorettte started me off on the expensive habit of men eludes me.  SO you heard it hear: I am quitting gum.  I feel both frightened and excited.  Sad, yet happy.  I’m YING YANG’d!

If you notice a little edginess in my posts this week, you will know why.  NICOTINE WITHDRAWAL….. The shit and abuse I put myself through is absurd, but I must like it, or I wouldn’t do it.  Shit does this make me a masochist?  Wait, I think that only refers to sex.  Great, now I have to go GOOGLE masochism…


Psychiatry. a person who has masochism, the condition in which sexualor other gratification depends on one’s suffering physical pain orhumiliation.

a person who is gratified by pain, degradation, etc., that is self-imposed or imposed by others.

a person who finds pleasure in
Nope doesn’t HAVE to be sexual in nature; therefore, I’m self-diagnosing myself Masochistic.  YEAH ME.
Alright, I’ve babble my face off long enough for today.  I’m off to read up on how you-all’ve been doing.  Hope you had a great weekend!




One Comment Add yours

  1. SeekingGod2 says:

    You sure you got all your man qualifications out? Haha.. Enjoy a truly nicotine free day!


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