Winds of Change

“Change is imminent! We must enthusiastically embrace it, manage it, and craft it to our advantage.” -Steve Craft
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The air smells different when your life is about to change.  It’s a distinct, yet unrecognizable smell that tells you to keep your eyes open.  You might not know what’s going to change, but you know somethings coming.  The sweet aroma of change has drifted my direction, and I’m excitedly ready for it.

Life it good; I have a decent job, great friends, and a overwhelming sense of well-being, so why would I welcome a change?  Because change is what makes the world exciting, at least for me.  New stimulation ignites my creativity, and brightens my world.  Change keeps me on my toes allowing me to stay centered and balanced.  Change is what makes the world go round and round and round.

I haven’t always felt this way about life changes; in my younger years, I feared change.  Nothing aggrevated my anxiety like having to change my predictable life.  The inability to initiate change caused me years of confusion and depression.  I’m so grateful that I’ve experienced times of drastic change because I’ve learned, most times, change is good.

Although I don’t know what’s coming up ahead, I have been actively pushing Change’s buttons.  I’ve been watching and applying for new career opportunities, entertaining new friendships, renewing my living environment, creating new personal boundries, eliminating medication, and saying yes to more FUN activities.  Summed up — I’m LIVING life.  My small efforts to enrich my life are paying off; not in a materialistic way, in a spiritual way.  Someone commented on one of my posts that “this is my time”, and she is right.  This is my time, so I better keep my feet in the stirrups because I have a feeling it’s going to be a wild ride.



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  1. Imani tm says:

    Giddy up cowgirl 👍😘😝 Awesome post 😁

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