Out of Touch With Reality

As my holidays are nearing the end, I can’t help but want to savour every last second of freedom.  I’ve done nothing extraordinary; no Bahama trip, no new love found, no crazy adventure, but for the first time since I can’t remember, I’ve completely unwound.  I had a bit of nerves today because I decided to go to a job interview (while on vacation), but I think the nerves gave me a bit of a boost.  I passed the first interview, and they invited me back for a 2 hour skills test tomorrow morning.  I said I’d go, but there’s part of me that thinks I should just say no thank you.  I’m not sure I want the job, and I don’t know that I want to spend 2 of my precious vacation hours writing a test.

Yesterday was spent mostly on the couch because I thought it was a great idea to have one extra cider on Tuesday night…. 4 ciders in total rendered me completely useless for a whole day.  I am getting so old.  I don’t regret it though; I had a great time visiting and letting loose.  Besides, my couch is comfy, so I didn’t mind spending some quality time with her.

There’s still a few more fun events to attend this week: dinner with out of town friends tonight, and RIBFEST Friday.  Our town has an annual Ribfest where competition BBQers come from all over to serve us yummy Ribs in the park.  The whole event is organized by one of our rotary clubs and they do an amazing job.  Bands play in the bandshell, beer gardens are set up behind the BBQ stands, and the aroma of MEAT waffles through the downtown core.

Exciting stuff for our little town!!!

I have 3.5 days left to feel completely free.  Free to sleep in if I want; free to loiter at the cafe in the morning, free to nap whenever, free to go to the gym when no one else is there, free, free, freedom.  Living should be like this more often.  Less work; more living.  Life is too busy; maybe I’ve made my life that way, and maybe I need to evaluate my priorities a little.  I want more time with friends and family, less time with school and work.

What I have missed on my holidays is all of you guys.  I haven’t been on my computer and I will have tons of catching up to do next week.  You all inspire me and I love you all.  See you soon xoxo.


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