A Mini Mind Battle Story

  Has the world found me out?  Can they see the chaos inside my head?  Too much static; I can’t hear myself.  The fog is thick; I’m losing hold of reality — here they come… One, two, three worry warriors. Their coming, coming after me.  

My shields are down; I’ve nowhere to hide.  I’m visible; the real me — now everyone can see.  I want to hide away, and let no one find me.  I’ll hide myself so they can’t see.  

Stop!  Breathe; now breathe again.  Remove all thoughts because you can. Don’t let them in — you’re powerful; you are strong.  You don’t need to hear them; you don’t need to see. Give time a chance, and you will see that all your worries: one, two and three can be released and you’ll be free. 

Fighting anxiety, or any mental health disorder can be a constant internal battle. I chose to fight because I will win!


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  1. SeekingGod2 says:

    You’re here. You’ve already won. You’re just mopping up the remnants.

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