Sweat, Sweet Wine

This will be my first post written on my phone, so bare with me on the autocorrect.  “Autocorrect” — I feel there’s a post somewhere in the future about this nifty little software tool. However, this is not that post. 

Nope, this post is a slightly wine induced obsession to write. Why I have the urge to write just this minute eludes me.  I just poured a second glass of wine and movie in demanded “The Divergent Series: Allegiant”.  Twelve mins into the movie, and I’m scrolling through WordPress to check out new posts.  That’s either a sign of a bad movie intro, or I’m in a chatty mood.  I’m hoping for chatty since I just spent $4.99 on the movie.  

If you read my earlier post you’ve probably guess I went with the first of my two Friday night options:


Not necessarily in that exact order.  I just needed to mark this somewhat notable occasion. My very first drink medication free!!!   I was curious how I’d feel having a drink with discontinuation syndrome. Answer: kinda tipsy. 

That’s all for tonight folks. One more sleep…. I can’t believe who friggn excited I am for tomorrow. Night all 😘


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