Numbers Don’t Lie

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It’s funny how blogging can open up your eyes to your own mind.  When I started my blog I didn’t have a specific purpose for it.  I wasn’t trying to inspire, motivate, sell, bring awareness, or cause controversy.  I tried to come up with a focus, but I had so many things I wanted to say, so I just started a random blog for random postings.

I really didn’t think I had any one thing that consumed my mind.  In reality, I felt like a scatter brain with too many thoughts happening all at once.  I’ve been blogging now, I think, since March 2016 — wow how time flies when you’re having fun.  In that time, I’ve written approximately 80ish post, which completely amazes me.  The other day I was checking out my stats, which I rarely do because they don’t really mean anything to me.  However, I noticed something kind of interesting: I do have some common thoughts.  Because I use the categories and tags section, I was able to see what I write about most.

My tags included the following subjects:

  • Anxiety (number one topic)
  • Dreams
  • Love
  • Single
  • Online Dating

Basically, I’m consumed by my mental health and lust!!!! That’s awesome.  I wasn’t surprised by the mental health numbers.  I don’t struggle like I used to with anxiety, but it still affects my life in many ways.  It changes the way I see things, and it teaches me the important of self-awareness.  LUST on the other hand shocked me.  I had no idea it was such an important issue in my life — one that has been lacking for way too long.  I know I need to get back on the horse, but damn, I didn’t realize it was so prevelant in my daily thoughts.  I guess that means I need to make sex more of a priority in life.  The numbers don’t lie; it’s time for some hanky panky.



23 thoughts on “Numbers Don’t Lie

      1. I’m happy to learn you’re not 🙂

        By the way, I was pretty intimidated by your FB page. I’ve never hung out with a girl who could beat the crap out of me. Not that I’m out of shape or anything. But you look like a tough mofo. 👍😁

        Liked by 1 person

    1. You didn’t reply to my comment, so I didn’t see you had responded till I checked for this. I thought, “How rude! She didn’t even say nothing!”

      Well.. you’re not a lover.. yet. :p


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