Passion Free


Can you remember a time when you freed yourself from an dying passion?  I can, and I was reminded of this when I sadly read that Ms. Queen Bee (I Play The Body Electric) was writing her last blog post yesterday.  Being a new blogger, I was only lucky enough to experience her writing for a short time.  I’m truly inspired by those who write with such honesty and emotion.  Thanks for writing Ms. Bee, and all the best to you.

It was Queen Bee’s explanation for leaving that inspired my post today.  She said she had accomplished what she set out to do, said all that she had to say, and it was time for her to move on.  She was letting go of something that was no longer pulled her in, and this is what resonated with me.  This, of course, is only my interpretation of her words, and they may not be 100% accurate to her feelings — song lyrics mean different things to different people.  What I appreciated about her goodbye was she let go when it was the right time for her.  This is something I struggle with, and I often hold on to things for far too long.

In my previous post Fighting Boredom, I talk about how hard it was for me to let go of my passion for teaching fitness (I’m still holding on by a thread).  For me, it’s like trying to hold on to a lover, even though I know the love is gone.  The memories of the love is what holds me back.  In my heart, I know I have nothing left to give to my fitness clients, but my mind does not want it to be true.  So, instead of making a clean break, I let go little by little.  It’s hard to let go of something that once was a fire raging in my belly, but now only fills me with a sense of committment.   Somewhere deep inside, I know I’m afraid.  I’m afraid to say, “I’m done” because I will take it as a failure.   This brings me back to why Queen Bee’s post spoke so loudly to me.

Her goodbye turned a light bulb on in my (sometimes) dimly lit mind.  The epiphany?  Letting go is not a sign of failure, it’s the finale of just one part of my life’s purpose.  I had something to share with the world — I shared what I had, and now that job is done.  Letting go will free me, and allow me to find my next purpose.  So thank you Queen B., your words had an impact on my life.


If anyone reading this is struggling to let go of something, let the Queen’s words be heard!



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  1. Queen Bee says:

    This post has just come into my inbox and I’m so pleased my leaving post resonated with you and helped give you confidence with decisive honest endings 😃 I am so happy to read this. There is nothing wrong with saying it as it is and knowing when is the time to let go Xxx 💖


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