Soaking Up The Sunshine

Summer is finally here!  The forecast for this week shows tempatures reaching mid-thirties (86F). We’ve had a slow start to summer this year; so I’m ready to soak up some sunshine.Storm

I love summer because everyone slows down to focus on the simple pleasures in life.   Backyard bbq, flip-flops, and sundresses are in store for the next two months, hallelujah.  There will be weekends spent floating down the river, or boat rides on the lakes.  Afterwork patio drinks with co-workers, and rooftop dinners that go late into the night.  Have I mentioned how much I love summer?

Sunshine makes me a happier girl; a tanned happier girl!  I’m taking a break from all things exhausting this weekend.  That includes my friend going through a divorce, my studies, social media, the news, thoughts of my ex, thoughts of money, and online dating.  It’s the Canada Day long weekend, July 1, 2016, so I’m going to be thankful for the beautiful country I live in, and soak up the sunshine.



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