Endless Lists and Sticky Notes

To-do lists and sticky notes are a must have in an anxious person’s life, or at least this anxious person’s life.  Everywhere I turn, I’m reminded of something I need to do.  Take out garbage, walk dog, get tires changed over, buy dish soap, pay utility bill, pack gym bag, etc: the list of tasks are endless.  This creates havoc in my brain, as I start mentally reciting not only what needs to get done, but also in what order they need to be done in.  Notebooks full of lists sit on my desk at work, and I have to-do lists scattered all over my house.  I have sticky notes tacked to the side of my computer monitor, fridge, wallet, and even on top of my to-do lists (just in case).  I am so worried I will forget to do something important, so I create lists to keep me sane.

My boss thinks I’m super organized because of my list making.  He made a comment at one point about how on-top of things I am.  Little does he know that without these lists, I’d be a nervous wreck, and most days I do not feel organized at all.  I make lists for groceries, but forget to look at it when I get to the grocery store.  When I run out of something at home, I put it on my “on-going shopping list” located on my fridge.  However, the only time I look at that list is when I’m adding something new to it.  That’s when the sticky notes come in handy.

High priority items require individual sticky notes, and sticky notes belong in the most visible place possible.  Fridge, coffee maker, bathroom mirror, computer monitor, front door: I even put sticky notes on my iPhone — I physically stick a note to the front of my phone, so that I won’t forget to do something.  I schedule reminders in my phone to alert me one day prior to an event, and then I write it on a sticky note to remind me on the actual day of the event.

My friends laugh at my sticky note obsession; I’m sure they assume I have a terrible memory.  Not so — I have an amazing memory.  I rarely forget to do something, and I don’t actually need the notes to remind me to do them.  The notes are a mind trick I use to alleviate my anxiety.  I worry less about forgetting something if I have written it down.  It’s an act of having some control over my life.  I’m not certain in my control issues are a part of my anxiety disorder or just a personallity trait; either way,  I struggle with things I can control.  So there you have it, I’m a control freak with a list making, sticky note posting obsession… haha.  Things could definately be worse.


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