Smarty Pants

When I registered my domain on WordPress, I was asked to enter in a user name.   I’m not good at coming up with clever names; I named my dog Olivia, so that tells you something. I tried to come up with a name that fit the content of my blog; however, I didn’t have a clear vision of what I was going to write about.  Because I teach fitness as a hobby, I toyed with the idea of writing a fitness blog.  However, the topic doesn’t interest me enough to dedicate all my writing to it.  Other possible options were to write about being single with no kids, living with generalized anxiety and depression, entering university at 41, my career in Human Resources, being in my 40s, my online dating fiascos, etc etc etc.  This is a prime example of what it’s like to have generalized anxiety.  There were too many possibilities, and I couldn’t commit to any of them.  I couldn’t come up with a cohesive idea, and it was giving me anxiety.

How do you pick a user name when you have no idea what your blog is going to be about?  I just wanted to write; I was looking for a new hobby and outlet.  I figured my writing would take it’s own natural course and a theme would automatically develop.  It really hasn’t, as I write about pretty much anything and everything. Admittedly, my blog is a bit chaotic in content. I can’t dictate what will inspire me from day to day or minute to minute.  I have busy brain, so I just have to go with it.  Anyway, I still needed to come up with a user name, so I turned to my friends for help.

I picked a couple of close friends and a few co-workers, and I asked them to describe me in three words.  My dear friends came up with kind, loving, dork, perfectionist, loyal, respectful, beautiful, and generous.  Geez, I love these people.  Suprisingly, the top three descriptive words my friends came up with were: smart, smartass, and smarty pants.  My favorite was smartass, but I didn’t think it was appropriate for a user name.  Smart girl sounded a little egotistical, but smarty pants had a ring to it.

I am smart, maybe not genius, but smart enough.  I’m most definately a smartass, as a matter of fact, I pride myself on my “smartassery.”  Consequently, I gave myself the user name of smartygirl41.  Clever? Definately not!  If my user name was clever it wouldn’t reflect who I am.  Wordplay is not a skill I possess.  I have an appreciate for good wordplay, but I can’t come up with it (on purpose) no matter how hard I try.

Nonetheless, my user name sums up my sense of humour, femininity, and stage of life.  “Smartass” – “Female” – “old lady”  The 41 will not be relevent if my blog continues past October 2016, but like I said: I’m not good at coming up with names.  I suppose I could have used “Kidlessdork” or “Anxiouslysingle” — maybe next time.  This go around I’m just plain smartygirl41.  I have embraced my weak naming abilities; I can’t be good at everything.  For those of you with witty, clever, amusing, or perfectly descriptive user names, you have my deepest admiration.





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  1. Like the way you think…
    But the way we think, and make who we are
    and the way we view the world

    Love, Health, and Wealth,
    Alex Moses
    Awakened Business Coach

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