Your Profile Name Say’s it All

Curiosity has bitten me right on the behind this morning. What am I curious about you might ask?  Well let me tell you.  As a fairly inquisitive person, my thoughts have wondered to the minds of today’s single men.  To be perfectly honest, I’m completely perplexed by their behaviour.  Of course being a woman, it’s logical that I will not totally relate to the opposite sex; however, still I wonder.

I, like many single women, have an online dating profile because I hope to someday meet the man of my dreams.  If anyone has ever experienced online dating, you will probably agree that this is likely not the best platform for meeting Mr. Right.  But, one never knows.  I’ve chatted with many different types of men over my last few single years, and by this point, I can generally tell what type of guy the person is by his profile name.

Let’s look at just a few of the profile names that popped up this morning:

Bigbluzucchini – This is a man, who I can only assume is referring to himself as a large blue penis.

YoungBuck69 – Here we have a young boy looking for a cougar.  No thank you; I’ll pass.

Lovetofrolic6969 – I need not explain, as I’m sure you get the picture here.

Sunnybunnyday – This one confuses me a little.  Does he mean he is like a happy bunny?  If so, that’s just weird.

Rideon2016 – definately, a Harley guy.  Good for him.

Readytomoveon – No, no you are not.  If you are using this phrase as your profile name, it’s clear you are only trying to convince yourself.

Nocrazybitches – This man obviously is a jerk, who drives woman to craziness.  Personally, the only time I turn into a crazy bitch is when I’m dating a complete A’hole to begin with.

Jackrabbit2020 – I’m sorry guys, but woman don’t really like it when you hump like a rabbit.

HSV0101 – For those of you who do not know wht HSV stands for, it’s Herpies.  Not exactly marraige material.

Romancingthebone – Oh please… this is not original.

As you can see, profile names can really say a lot.

Men, I understand that it can be a challenge to come up with a unique profile name.  You all want to stand out in the crowd, and I applaud you for not picking your last name followed by your birth year.  However, who exactly are you trying to attract on this site?  Have you considered your audience when preparing your profile?  Have any of you ever actually met a real woman?  If so, do you really think your profile name is going to impress them?

What really has me confused is that half of these men claim to be looking for something serious.  Many of them comment “no games please” or “looking for a quality woman” in their profiles.  I guess it is possible that these guys are completely clueless, and they don’t realize the image they are portraying.  Again, I am a woman, so I can’t really comment on how a man’s brain works.  What I wouldn’t give to go back to the old days of dating.  Back to before I was married, and meeting a man happened in person.  Oh well — such is life!  Eventually, Mr. Greatguyforyou will come along, and my time spent in the online dating world will be a distant memory.




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