Cleaning Out My Closet

“Out of clutter find simplicity.” – Albert Einstein

Spring is in the air, and it’s time to do some cleaning — literally and figuratively.  A couple of weeks ago, I was faced with, what could have been, an extremely large car repair bill.  Luckily, the car turned out to be ok, and I’m happy to report the cost was minimal.  Little did I know, however, this event was the spark I needed to make some changes in life.

Being me, I panicked at the thought of incurring additional debt. I’ve been working on reducing my debt this year, but everytime I take a step forward, I have to take two back.  The last thing I wanted to do was put another charge on my credit.  Therefore, my only other option  was to “SELL EVERYTHING.”   If I could find enough things to sell, just maybe I would have enough to cover a large chunk of the repair bill.  I started by going through my storage room.  I needed items that had some value, so I put together a pile of things I could probably live without:

  1. Snowboard with bindings, boots, goggles, and helmet
  2. Two of my guitars (sadly)
  3. 6 Designer handbags
  4. Old iPhone (5c with a cracked screen)

I put everything on Kijiji and crossed my fingers.  So far I’ve sold the phone and one of the handbags for a total of $55.  I’ve now removed the snowboard package and guitars, as I want to wait until the end of my “purging spree” to see if I still want to let them go.

My car crisis is over; however, my urge to purge has remained.  One of the girls at work is having a garage sale in a couple weeks, and she has invited me to bring up anything I want to get rid of.  Oddly, I want to get rid of everything.  I’ve created piles in my house of items I no longer use.  Things I keep because “I might use them again one day.”  I want it gone — all of it.  Piles of clothes have been boxed up; old printers, shoes, purses, bedding, books, dishes, and luggage currently line the walls of my spare bedroom waiting to be loaded into my car for sale day.

Another co-worker told me about this 24hr bidding page on Facebook.  I found the page and sent in my request to join.  The page has very strict rules on posting, bidding, and pick ups.  You are pretty much guaranteed to sell your items, and the best part is the buyer has to pay and pick up within 24hours.  I sold a set of old bar stools for $5, and now I have 3 lululemon pieces up for bid.  The bidding war has begun on my items and I’m at $39 bucks (make that $42) so far.  My total for items sold is $100, and I haven’t even put anything of great value up yet.  Who knew that selling my old things was going to be such a rush!

This purge has motivated to me to do some major deep cleaning in my house.  I cleaned the oven hood vent, my oven, and fridge.  My weeds have been pulled, and I’m preparing to paint my spare room once all my items have been sold or donated.  I’ve gone through junk drawers and makeup bins, and next will be the remaining storage closets.  Empty and clean is what I’m aiming for, and so far I’m on a roll.

With every item I remove from my home, my mind feels clearer.  My physical world is being reflected in my emotional world.  There is a certain freedom in unloading stuff from my life, and my whole being is benefiting from this exercise.  I’m dedicating the rest of 2016 as my clean up year.  I’m cleaning out my closet, clearing out my mind, and making room for happy days.



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