Beautiful Words

Beautiful words can make the world go round; they can empower, inspire, motivate, and invigorate our souls when put together in just the right way.  Words express our emotions, feelings and thoughts — they allow us to share a piece of ourselves with others.  I am in love with beaufitul words. Sorrowful, joyful, enlightening, frightening words, it doesn’t matter what their purpose — I love them all.

I learned to read at an early age; I found words fasinating even as a child.  As a little girl, I believed that my favorite musicians wrote their songs as a way of speaking to me directly. Their words let me know them, and in turn, I believed they knew me.  Ì had imaginary relationships with Billy Joel, Simon and Garfunkel, John Denver, and ABBA (did I just age myself?).  They may not have know me in the traditional way, but their shared views on life connected us to eachother.  Their words brought comfort and protection to a child lost in the madness of her own mind.

I read constantly, whether it be novels, news articles, poems, musical lyrics, or blog posts. I’ve never measured, but I would guess that over half of my waking day is spent reading and 20% of it writing.  I write emails, micro blogs, blog posts, essays, text messages, hand written journals, and sticky reminders all day long.  I feel naked without a keyboard or pen at my hands.  It doesn’t matter to me how accepted my writing is, as some of my favorite posts have been completely passed by, and I’m ok with that.  At this early stage of sharing my words, I am encourage with even single “Like” I receive.   The joy of writing to me is in the process, not the end result.  Of course, I’m pleased if I produce something of value to others, as that is my intent.  However, I understand that writing is an art form that requires practice and skill.

So in my conclusion, I want to acknowledge and appreciate all the beautiful writers.  Every one of you; novice or masterful, thank you for being so giving of yourselves.  I respect and value the gift you are to the world.


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  1. Hithier says:

    Sometimes writing is the best way to express yourself, too. I wish I knew how to express myself better though. What I mean to say is that I appreciate this post. Thank you! And you’re a beautiful writer, too!

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