Do Bloggers Lie?

In February, I started my blog as it was a requirement of one of my university courses.  Ever since, I have been following and reading as many blog posts as I can fit.  Today, I was reading a blog that claimed bloggers often lie.  I have not once pondered the idea that the posts I read daily may be false.  Reading this person’s belief that many blog posts are full of either half-truths or outright lies bothered me.

If this person is right, my first question would be “why would a blogger lie?”  Secondly, “What do they have to benefit from it?”  Our posts are faceless words on complete stranger’s computer screens.  This is the perfect platform to be completely honest without judgement.  I am naive to this world, and maybe I’m missing something.  When I sit down to write a post, it’s because I have something to say, and no one to say it to.  I can release my voice to the world and be heard.  My writing is no where near perfect, but I don’t need to worry about that.  No one is keeping tabs.  Some of my posts suck, while others I feel express exactly how I was feeling at the time I wrote it.  No matter what I write, I write the truth of what I am thinking and feeling at the time.

I understand that some blogs are fiction, some are interpretations, and others are metapfors, but this does not make them lies.  This has me thinking, if I knew a blog post was completely false, how would I feel about it?  Most likely, I would wonder why it was false?  Was the writer trying to attract readers?  Possibly the writer was uninspired by real life and wrote from his or her imagination?  I think I would feel the same way I would if I learned my lover had cheated — I would feel shocked, but then want to know why?

I guess it truely doesn’t matter.  If I read a post I like, I may never know if it is truth — and I choose to be ok with that.


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