I’d Rather Be Blogging

WORK is really getting in the way of my blogging time.  How am I ever going to get to all the posts I want to read with work taking up so much of my time.  Last year was insanely busy for me, but so far this year my office has been pretty quit.  In HR that’s what happens I guess.  I hired over 100 people last year, and I rarely had time to wolf down my lunch — let alone take a few minutes to get some reading done.

My office is on the outskirts of town, so I don’t leave the office during my breaks.  Instead, I sit in my office and catch up on some reading.  I knew that the first few months of this year were going to be slow, and I would be ramping up again sometime in May.  SO, being pro-active, I booked this Friday off for a little pampering time.  Guess what?  For some strange reason everyone decided this was the week they had urgent HR matters that need to be completed immediately.  I’ve had no time for breaks; my lunches have been eaten while I work, and I’ve been in the office an hour early everyday so far.

Normally, I love being busy.  It makes the day go fast, and I like feeling productive.  However, for two reasons I am not pleased about this sudden rush.  Firstly, I have become accustom to having time to blog during my breaks.  Whenever someone brings me a new project, all I can think about is “great, now I for sure don’t have time to read up on my favorite blogs.”  Secondly, I don’t want to waste a vacation day being stressed about all the work I need to get done.  I took four days off last year. During my four-day vacation, an employee called me up and asked to have lunch with me. I thought that was pretty great, that she missed me so much she wanted to have a lunch date.  NOPE – she wanted to let me know she was sending in her resignation, and she didn’t want me to find out when I returned.  The next day, I received a text from one of our foreign worker (engineer) letting me know the lawyer dealing with the work permit extention application screwed up on filing the paperwork and I had to come in.  I was so burnt out by the time I returned to work, I didn’t feel I had a rest at all.

Anyway enough of that rant… Friday is going to be a good day regardless.



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