What is Beauty



What is beauty?  This is a question I ask myself often.  Like many women (and men), I often tend to compare my looks to other people.  I long for eveything I do not have such as straight thick hair, a clear smooth complexion, a petite body frame, long eyelashes… etc.

Why, I wonder, do I do this?  Every person is unique and beautiful in his or her own way. Why do I focus on what I don’t like about myself, when I should be celebrating who I am.  I am short, athletic, muscular, curvy, with thin curly hair, green eyes, and high cheek bones.  My chest maybe larger than I want it to be, but other people get breast implants because they are unhappy with their small boobs.  I may not be skinny and petite, but I am strong and healthy.  My wrinkles are a reflexion of the obstacles I have faced and the joy I have experienced.  Every scare on my body tells a tail of the life I have lived.

Beyond my physical appearance there is also my soul.  They say a person’s beauty cannot be measured by his or her physical appearance, as it is what’s inside that counts.  A Cliché – maybe, but there is so much wisdom and truth in this saying.   Are people not showing their beauty when they offer love and respect to others?  I think they are.  I may not be perfect but I am kind and thoughful; I respect other peoples rights to have an opinion; I laugh and cry; I have empathy, I love.  I am like every other human being on this earth who feels insecure at times – strong and confident at others.  I hurt, I get angry, I make mistakes, and sometimes I fail.

I have been on this earth for 41 years, and it is time for me to value myself and my beauty for what it is.  I will accept and love the shape of my body, the unruliness of my hair, the freckles on my face, my big feet, muscular legs, and every crease that appears when I smile.  I will not define what beauty is, as beauty can mean and be so many things.  Instead I will accept and charish every part of who I am.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pat Torello says:

    THIS POST is beautiful!


    1. Smartygirl41 says:

      Thank you Pat 🙂


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