TGIF – Friday’s are by far my favorate day of the week, as I imagine  it is for many people.

Not only is it the end of my work week, but also the best night to get a work out in.  There is nothing better than finding the gym mostly empty.  You have your choice of equipment to use, and the usual smell of B.O. is gone.  My most productive work outs usually happen on Friday night.

The only thing that keeps me from happily driving to the gym after work is a last minute co-worker email inviting me out for drinks.  Since I have such a busy schedule, I don’t often get out to socialize.  I’ve long given up on trying to make plans for the weekend, because I know that when the time comes I will try to find a way out of it.  I have my days neatly organized with to-do lists, and any deviation from that throws me for a loop.

Today, the email came and drinks are on.  WHAT to do?  I have my gym bag already in the car, and I need to get home early to work on my English assignment.  But I so badly just want to go hang out and forget about all of my obligations.  I could rush to the gym and get a 30 minute ride in; I’d still make it to the pub by 5:30 p.m.  However, now that the thought of a crisp glass of wine is in my head, the gym is the last thing I want to do.

I know if I keep it to one (or maybe two) glasses, I will still be able to get a little work done on my English paper.  So really, what’s the big deal if I skip one work out?  Usually the decision happens as I drive towards home.  I have the choice of turning left, which will take me to the gym or going straight, the way to the pub.

I’m a person who usually gets two work outs in a day, as a personal trainer I understand the importance of keeping a routine. I can tell you that even the fittest of fit people struggle to get themselves to the gym sometimes.  I’m no different than anyone else, but I learned along time ago that sometimes you have to be a parent to yourself.  That means you need to give yourself rules, and then you need to follow them.  This is the only way to keep balance in your life and achieve what you want.  Yes I WANT to go straight to the pub, but most likely I will make my way to the gym, even for just 30 minutes.

So instead of saying, “Gym or Wine,” I can say “Gym then Wine.”




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